It all starts tomorrow

So I need to make my plans still. However from tomorrow I am eating clean and healthy and starting on a workout routine. I have a Fitbit charge 2 so will track everything and once I find out how will post my results on here. I am at home with the kids tomorrow so I have decided to do 50 press ups in the morning. This may take a while last time I tried I could barely manage 10. Even if it takes an hour I will keep doing them till I finish.

I need a plan, structure to follow so my wife who is also on this journey with me and I have decided to follow The Body Coach. Along with this I am going to start walking to work when possible and work up to being able to run.

I am going to aim for 8000 steps a day at least as well as 50 press-ups a day. I will also do the scheduled workout from the body coach plan. I will try and post my meals although I am not going to be counting calories. I probably will check the calories of my meals but just out of curiosity. I am hoping changing my bread, pasta, take away’s, chocolate and so much more processed, unhealthy, non nutritious food to fresh, unprocessed, whole food, will not only help me lose weight but make me feel better, healthier.

Has this worked for any of you? I don’t expect many people to follow this but if you do I thank you and would love to here your stories. Have you finished your Journey? are you still on it?, are you thinking of starting? I would love to hear from you.



First step on the road to happy

So here are my stats, I’m 35, 17st 8lb (that’s 111kg or 246lb) I’m 5ft 10 and a bit and am so out of shape its embarrassing. I have two kids age 2 and 4 and I am struggling to keep up with them. I need to change, not just for me but for them. I want them to look up to me and see me make the right choices.

Last week I was reading my daughter Zoe her bed time stories when she pointed to my chest and said “Look Daddy, it looks like boobies” Now obviously I laughed, it is funny but also it made me feel rubbish.

I used to think it would be tiring if I worked out or worried about what I ate all the time, now it has become tiring being embarrassed if people could see my man boobs through my t-shirt or my stomach starting to overhang my trousers. I’m tired of trying to lose weight and feeling even worse when I fail. I never used to care, which is how I got into this mess. Now, it has consumed me and all I think about is my weight and how I want my wife and kids to look at me and see a fit, healthy and most importantly happy husband and daddy.

I am under no illusion that this is going to be a long process and there will be some ups and downs. Please follow my journey and tell me about yours. Let’s use each other to motivate and support one another.